We are a network of senior programmers. Mainly focused in php, mysql, java, javascript, flash/flex with actionscript 2 and actionscript 3 and dot net. Designers’ network are with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, In Design. Video Editors use Adobe After Effects and Final Cut.


  • We provide multiple ways to do business in a secure environment, guided by prudent rules and regulations.
  • We challenge our priorities, policies, rules, procedures, regulations, and laws to ensure that we are providing efficient and effective services to our customers and our team.
  • We continually evaluate our business processes to support a user-friendly environment that improves customer and employee satisfaction.
  • We demonstrate accountability to those we serve by taking responsibility for our actions.
  • We support open communication at every level of our business processes.
  • We acknowledge that change drives our organization. Our responsibility is to deliver consistent and timely information to our customers about the rules, policies, regulations, and laws that govern the programs we administer. Knowing this encourages us to seek efficient means of providing quality customer service, value-added retirement and health benefits, and other related programs and services.


At PCE we look for talents, genius, person’s oriented people. We are creating market trends by new innovations. This is a transition time, we’re part of the change. If you can join and you’ll experience relationship-based success vs competition.

Do not compete to beat one, compete to improve thousands.
Business and technology have fused into one system, one conversation, and one strategy, for one world. Innovations are about new business models, enterprise and marketplace collaboration, new leadership and knowledge engineering. Knowledge engineering, the formation and networking of knowledge-that which creates results, is the true asset of the 21st century. The integration of customer touch points across all channels is essential to future success. Human capital, the value of talent will be the most valuable resource in the 21st century. Entirely new industries will be formed by innovations yet to be brought to market. There is a new paradigm about leadership that is emerging.