How to Keep Your Videos Alive

While YouTube is the premier platform for posting video content, many of its users still cannot grasp the various proven techniques in making a video that has the potential to go viral. For most online marketers, may it be those focused on generating traffic to a site or those currently making their money by being a YouTube partner, the viral potential of a video are the most important aspect of their video marketing efforts. This is because if a video goes viral, it almost always assures the content creator that his video will stay alive even after the first few rounds of massive sharing. Having said that, here is another look at the various techniques that are proven to be effective in ensuring the virality and longevity of a video on YouTube.

The Piggy Back

This is a simple and proven technique where you will create video content that will literally ride on a theme, topic, or issue that is popular. For instance, the American Idol finale is a hot topic now. Well, you can ride on that topic’s popularity by creating content related and relevant to it. This way, once you upload that particular video, it will most likely appear on searches for the particular keywords that the topic is related to. What this does is allow you to generate clicks and views fast and easy since you are pretty much riding on the coattails of others.

Create a Series

Some people think that merely uploading one fascinating video will do it. Well, the reality is that the video you upload and goes viral now will only really be a fad that may end up stagnant a few weeks later. The trick to getting that same video to go viral longer is by making it a part of a series and linking each video to other videos within the series or within your channel. Now, if you can’t create a series out of the topic of your video, you can do the next best thing – link it to other videos in your channel that is related to it. This way, if a visitor views the video and likes it, he might just click on those related links and be able to watch more of your content. If he ends up liking your content, he may decide to share the videos he has watched and even subscribe to your channel.

Build Your Fan Base

Now, this is easier said than done. However, this is actually the best way to make the most of your content, especially if you are using the content for marketing purposes. These fans will also be your channel subscribers and they will be the front row audience of your content as they will be privy to what new content you post. Obviously, the easiest way to build a fan base is by posting quality content and doing it frequently. Add to that a little social media marketing to boost more of that word of mouth effect you are hoping for. Well, if the quality of the video is that good, what you do on social media won’t matter much as the content should sell itself fast and easy.



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