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Whether you are a regular content producer on Vimeo, YouTube, or any other video sharing platform, you probably know that getting your content to go viral depends on many factors – factors like quality, length, and “shareability”. Now, with regards to the last one – shareability – it would be a good move to define what this means. Shareability is a made up word that many in the social media world use to refer to the potential of a specific content to go viral, to be shared across social platforms. Now, how does one gauge the shareability factor of a video? Well, some would say the quality. Others would say relevance. Many would attribute it to an aggressive promotions campaign on social media. Well, all these are correct, but if you really want to go deep within, you will want to take a look at the qualities that a viewer will want to see in a video in order for him to think that he should share it. In other words, a video needs to have specific triggers that will encourage the viewer to share it to the people he knows will appreciate it like he did. And, what are those triggers? Here is a list.


If a video makes you laugh pretty much all the way through, you are most likely to share it to your friends, like you always do whenever you hear a brilliantly unique and humorous joke. Yes, those corny but laughable jokes you hear when hanging out at the office water cooler are usually the crack ups you share to your friends come the weekend. Well, the same viral concept can be applied with videos, except that it is easier since all a viewer has to do is click and the funny video will be posted on Twitter, Facebook, and even on his blog.


Any video that features a cute and cuddly kitten playing around or a baby learning to say his first words will always catch the fancy of nearly everyone in the world. Videos that have the cuteness factor integrated in it will touch the viewer’s emotions, which will most likely get him to click on that share button.

Shock and Awe

A tsunami hitting a populated beach area, a helicopter crashing, or a guy showing the world how he can dislocate his joints and contort his body are just some of the ideas for content that can literally pop the eyeballs out of their sockets. Shock and awe folks, any video with this trigger will surely go viral in an instant, especially if it is one that the viewer can relate to.


Religion, politics, Obama’s opinion on gay marriage, these are all controversial topics. And, all controversial topics ignite fires on social media. Hence, if you want your videos to engage the minds and feelings of the viewers, make it about something controversial. This will spur the viewers to not only comment on your channel or video page but also expose it to other people with the same sentiments about the issue as well.


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