Dominate Video Marketing

If you are just about to get your lips wet in the video marketing world, you might find it pretty difficult to get going. Here are 5 steps that you can take to help get your engines going and train moving in the right direction. You will be focusing on quality, viewer’s interests and feedback and use as many influential video content sites as possible.

Focus on Quality

Many video marketers fail in their marketing endeavors not because their content has no value but because it is poorly shot. Invest in a good video camera (especially if you plan to be doing this for a while). Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo have video/film making tutorials online. Make sure to study those. It is ultimately important that every video content you create can be easily viewed (preferably in HD) and should be shot with ample lighting. If possible, try to be creative with the content to provide the viewer a little variation. Using subtitles and annotations is a good way to increase the viewer-friendliness of your video.

Make it about the Viewer

People will watch your content not because of your face or because of your story. Most people will watch your content because they have a problem or question that needs to be resolved or answered. So, if your content is a tutorial or how-to, consider keeping the viewer in mind when writing the script. Keep your own stories to a minimum and focus more on the video’s relevance to the viewer – his needs and his wants. If all your videos are tailored to the viewer’s self-first attitude (most viewers think this way), you will definitely catch their attention.

Never Stick to Just One

Some video marketers think that posting content regularly on YouTube will do. While YouTube does have a huge chunk of the traffic, the competition for keywords and tags there are fierce. Hence, simply posting on YouTube will limit the viral potential of your content. Consider posting on other sites like Vimeo, Daily Motion, Meta Café, and the like so that you can literally expand your horizons – or rather exposure.


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