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YouTube has heard the cries of the masses – “more quality content please”. To turn the tide against the battle of quantity versus quality, YouTube has made some big moves to ensure that the latter levels the playing field. You can scarcely see quality content – those coming from artists, musicians, filmmakers, and the like. Well, this is because they have all moved to Vimeo. Fortunately, with the new leap of faith YouTube is making, you may soon all those content creators coming back to the mother of online video soon enough.

YouTube’s New Direction

The Google-owned video giant has long been criticized for allowing copyright infringement issues and poor quality content to literally invade their platform. According to many vocal social media analysts, they see YouTube soon becoming a saturated giant, where most of the videos you will see later on are those with the essences of content spamming and poor value. As this seems to be the inevitable future, most of the quality content creators have moved to other networks that encourage the opposite. For instance, Vimeo has locked down on copyrighted and commercial content, making their community friendlier for the actual artists and filmmakers.

YouTube has apparently seen the light as they have just recently announced that their new thrust is to bring the hardcore content creators back. YouTube’s bigwigs have signed deals with a variety of publishers such as ABKCO Music Inc., BMG Rights Management, Songs of Virtual, Christian Copyright Solutions, Songs Music Publishing, and the like.

What does this mean? Well, it’s simple. With these new publishers onboard, YouTube is now poised to provide the artists, musicians, and quality content producers a chance to get discovered, build a career, and make a lot of money. Want to be as successful as the Foo Fighters, Cee Lo Green, and Adele? Good, then know that these are the publishers responsible for those popular bands and artists.

Content ID System

Now, in order for these publishers to distinguish the talents from the copycats, they need to be able to verify whether the music in a video is original or not. The YouTube Content ID System is the feature that makes this need come to life. With this system, publishers will be able to determine the copyright status of the music they hear, allowing the content creators and artists to potentially generate more revenue from their content.

YouTube appears really excited with this new move since it is something that is a win-win situation for everyone. The content creator is given a chance to distribute his content for money and possibly get discovered, the music publishers will be able to potentially discover and sign new talents, and YouTube beefs up its ad revenue through the content posted.


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