5 steps to turn key website solution

The Client (that’s you) tells us about his/her business and what the customers prefer. Please keep in mind that your website is your company’s main web property online. It is where you house all of the information about your company, your products and services and stand out those products or services in demand during each season of the year. The time you have to make a great first impression online is quite short. This means your web design not only needs to be visually appealing, but it needs to be informative enough to help customers determine in those short 8 seconds that your website is providing them the details they were searching for.

The form tells us about your business, goals and customers’ expectancy, as well as your intended budget to achieve what you want. You’ll tell us your expectations and your target customers.

Here we agree on terms, payment, marketing, promotion, printing, advertisement, social exposure to increase sales, video content if any and delivery time for each phase of your project.

Our team sends you updates and drafts for your to review and provide feedback in a timely manner. After this phase the project enters final stage getting to your expectations.

The website is ready and uploaded to our servers. Payment is done for the web design, and development. If you already have a hosting company, you’ll receive all the files for you to upload to your own ftp server. If you paid for us to host it, we take care of all that.

Once it is up and running online, PCE will notify major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). If you bought marketing and promotion, PCE will begin promoting your services or main products through our social media network in facebook, twitter, youtube channels, vimeo for the time you decided. We analyse your website’s traffic and conversion rate and discuss with your tweaks and changes that will improve conversion, making visitors stay on your website’s conversion pages.


How is conversion related to success?

Conversion is a way of getting someone to take a predetermined action that you want to track and measure. We want to understand how the impact of that action relates to your business; this will ultimately determine what you need to be doing from a website conversion perspective and directly relate to your overall internet marketing success, whether it means sales or exposure.

How can YouTube help my business?

YouTube has been known for getting videos viral and showcasing talents who become sensational. YouTube helps your business reach first pages on Google as Google prioritize YouTube channels. A well done video commercial could work wonders for you in a short time.

Do I need special software to work with my website, update it or add pictures?

If you ordered a CMS based website you won’t need any software except your browser. If you do not have a CMS based website, then you’ll need an ftp client like Filezilla which is a good free software, we recommend.

How long until I get my business cards, my flyers and brochures?

Once you agree on the design, it takes 7 days as we receive many orders. Or if you already have the design then just send it to us for printing.

List of our clients

You have an important role in the project.